Will middle ear inflammation affect deafness?

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Otitis media is a clinically common ear disease that mainly occurs in the tympanum, mastoid or other parts of the middle ear. It is usually divided into acute otitis media and chronic otitis media.

Will middle ear inflammation affect deafness?
Ear, nose and throat experts pointed out that untimely treatment of otitis media will have a serious impact on the patient's hearing. Some patients' friends have taken improper treatment, which has led to repeated attacks of the disease, eventually causing deafness. Otitis media can range from mild to severe. Therefore, early treatment of otitis media is the key to staying away from deafness.

Otitis media may lead to deafness depending on the situation:
1. For children with otitis media, if the treatment is not timely, thorough, and irregular, it may affect hearing and lead to deafness. .

2. If it is secretory otitis media, you can take oral hormones, antibiotics, myrtle oil, and nasal spray oxymetazoline hydrochloride. Check the size of the adenoids in the nasopharynx. If the adenoids are obviously enlarged, they can be treated surgically.

3. If it is suppurative otitis media, if the nose is blocked, children's oxymetazoline hydrochloride spray can be used to improve nasal ventilation, and cephalosporin antibiotics can be used for anti-infective treatment. If there is pus in the ear, hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean the external auditory canal. Internal pus should be treated with ofloxacin ear drops as a local anti-infection.

Pay attention to strengthening nutrition to prevent anemia, pay attention to calcium supplements, get more sun, exercise appropriately to improve the body's resistance, prevent colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

Protect hearing and treat in time
General drug therapy mainly achieves the purpose of shrinking the perforation through antibacterial, draining pus and reducing swelling. However, simple drug treatment is difficult to achieve the healing of the perforation and is difficult to effectively treat otitis media. Very easy to relapse. The main reason for recurrent otitis and protracted recovery is that drug treatment cannot effectively clear the inflammatory lesions, and the unrepaired tympanic membrane leads to water intrusion into the middle ear tympanum and secondary inflammation.

Through the detailed introduction by experts, I believe everyone also knows the causes of deafness caused by otitis media. In recent years, the probability of tinnitus and deafness is very high, and the pressure of life and work in modern society is relatively high, resulting in tinnitus and deafness becoming more and more common. There are many reasons, among which otitis media is the most common reason. Therefore, when otitis media is discovered, early detection and early treatment are required to minimize the harm.

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