A million-dollar sound therapist takes us into the world of white noise

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Shenggu, whose real name is Zhao Zhiqin, is a popular anchor in the Himalayas and a natural sound engineer who has become popular recently. He uploaded nature sound albums in the Himalayas, and the total views have exceeded 80 million. Many people are even willing to pay to listen to the sounds of birdsong, running water, and thunderstorms he recorded. The annual income of Sound Valley has reached one million above.

Shenggu, born in 1985, often has difficulty falling asleep due to the fast pace of life and high work pressure. In order to help himself fall asleep better, Shenggu often went online to find some nature sounds to assist him in sleeping. However, six or seven years ago, there were not many high-quality sound materials, so he decided to look for these sounds himself. In this way, Sound Valley embarked on the road of nature recorder.

Can noise promote sleep? No, noise doesn’t promote sleep, it makes it harder to fall asleep! However, white noise can help you sleep to some extent.
What is the difference between white noise and noise?
Noise: We usually talk about noise that exceeds 45 decibels and interferes with other people’s normal life, work and study.
White noise: refers to the power spectral density of the frequency components in a sound that is uniform throughout the audible range (20~20000Hz). Such as: the sound of wind, rain, running water, waves, etc. in nature.

White noise is a good signal frequency. Although there is a sound, it does not have a sudden raised sound anywhere. The human brain can quickly adapt and then not feel its presence. This means that it actually provides a relatively safe and comfortable sound environment.

We generally believe that being woken up suddenly while sleeping is due to external noise. In fact, it is not the case. The reason why you wake up from a sweet dream is because the sudden change or stop of the noise stimulates you.

Playing white noise to sleep is a barrier effect. Use stable white noise to block sudden changes in noise and prevent people from being disturbed while sleeping.

Fight fire with fire. White noise can relieve tinnitus. Do you know it?
What is tinnitus?
The main manifestation is that there is no corresponding external sound source or electrical stimulation, but there is subjective sound sensation in the ear or skull.

The white noise interference method, simply put, is to use other sounds to cover up the tinnitus sound. This will make you less aware of the tinnitus sound, thereby reducing symptoms.

White noise machines
Or some white noise mobile phone applications can simulate the sounds in the natural environment, such as the sound of rain, waves, etc., fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners Sound can also help mask tinnitus.

Masking device
This is a device that can be worn in the ear, similar to headphones or Hearing Aids. It can continuously emit low-level white noise to suppress tinnitus symptoms.

.Tinnitus Retrainer

This is also a wearable device that can generate signals corresponding to the patient’s tinnitus sound frequencies.The corresponding tone is used to cover up the original tinnitus sound, allowing the patient to adapt to this new sound and no longer notice the tinnitus.

Unique and ingenious, solving your worries

Are you a hearing loss patient with tinnitus?

"Tinnitus Clinical Application Guidelines"
The treatment methods recommended in the United States "Tinnitus Clinical Application Guidelines" include education and Consultation, wearing hearing aids, sound therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc., and pointed out that patients with persistent and annoying tinnitus accompanied by hearing loss can receive hearing aid evaluation.
Hearing loss and tinnitus are actually closely related and often occur together. Of course, they can also occur independently.

The incidence of tinnitus in adults is about 10%, but among people with hearing loss, the chance of suffering from tinnitus is significantly higher than that of other groups. Studies show that the incidence of tinnitus in people with hearing loss is about 50% .
In other words, this type of tinnitus patients with hearing loss not only face obstacles such as unclear hearing caused by hearing loss, but also experience annoying tinnitus.

Ostar hearing aids are concerned about the worries of users. The Lingfeng and Lingjun series hearing aids on the IA platform have built-in tinnitus blockers to help users solve hearing problems and alleviate the troubles of tinnitus.

Insomnia patients, stress, tinnitus... You may wish to listen to these "white noises" from nature to heal your "sound" heart. If you have hearing loss and tinnitus Patients, it is recommended that you choose Ostar hearing aids to solve the "two major problems" of your ears at the same time. Ostar takes you into the world of sound and feels the beauty of sound.

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