Why speaking to the elderly is not always better when speaking louder

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This is a true portrayal of daily life
Friends who have elderly people at home must have experienced such scolding!

When the elder spoke normally, he said he couldn’t hear clearly! I took a deep breath and spoke loudly, but they said: "Why are you so loud and fierce! I'm not deaf!"

You can't hear it softly, but loudly is "violent"
Why is this?

1. Facial expressions can make people misunderstand
When speaking loudly, more facial nerves will be affected, making people feel that the expression is serious or even ferocious. The listener will judge "you are hurting me" through facial expressions and demeanor.

2. Revitalization phenomenon, discomfort
When the sound is too loud, there is a deafening discomfort. People with hearing loss also experience resounding.

What is the revitalization phenomenon?

The resurgence phenomenon is associated with a reduction in the auditory dynamic range of hearing-impaired patients.
The auditory dynamic range is: the effective range of hearing between the human ear that can just hear the sound and the sound that is intolerable.
As hearing continues to decline, patients with sensorineural hearing loss gradually narrow their auditory dynamic range, thereby losing the ability to perceive sound information of different intensities.

3 tips to break the hearing "generation gap"
Poor communication will make the family full of disputes and noise, seriously affecting family harmony and life. When there are elderly people in the family who have these situations, we should actively solve these problems.

1. Symptomatic treatment
If it is a cochlear disease, such as Meniere's, a professional otolaryngologist needs to provide individualized treatment based on the patient's condition and examination.

2. Small Hearing Aids solve big communication problems
Patients with hearing loss can choose hearing aids to improve their hearing quality. When patients with resurgence choose hearing aids, they can focus on digital hearing aids with the following two performance advantages:
①Dual wide dynamic compression
Appropriately amplifies low-loud sounds and limits loud loudness sounds , try to compensate for hearing loss with resuscitation and improve comfort;

②Multi-channel debugging
Flexibly adjust the amplification of high and low-intensity input sounds of different frequencies to improve hearing Comfortable without affecting overall speech resolution.
It is worth noting that when a hearing-impaired patient wears a hearing aid and his or her family members talk to him or her, there is no need to raise the volume, as long as the patient speaks normally.

3. Have more patience and care, and live a harmonious and joyful life

As age increases, human body functions will decline. Inability to hear is a very common symptom, and we also age. One day, we will also go through such a process. We might as well have more patience and care for the elderly. Family harmony makes life happier.

Finally, XiaoThe editor would like to remind everyone:

“You can’t hear it even if it’s too quiet, but it’s noisy if it’s too loud” is often an important warning that tells us there is something wrong with our ears. We should detect and intervene early to protect our hearing.

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