Have you ever suffered from these daily manifestations of hearing loss?

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The importance of ears to people is self-evident. As one of the most sensitive organs of the human body, many of our bad living habits will cause irreversible damage to it.

So how do we know if our hearing is damaged? Below are some daily manifestations of hearing loss. Let’s test it yourself!

1. You can hear sounds, but not clearly;
2. You cannot hear the phone or doorbell unless you are very close;
3. You feel something inside your head. Sounds, such as buzzing or ringing (tinnitus);

4. Difficulty hearing sounds in a noisy environment;

5. Only when facing the speaker Understand clearly;
6. Feel that others are mumbling or unclear;
7. Frequently ask others to repeat some content;
8. The TV sound needs to be adjusted to a level that makes others feel deafening. ;
9. I find that I do not understand the topic of the conversation and often answer questions incorrectly;
10. I find it difficult to hear sounds when attending meetings, going to public places or family gatherings.

The above are just some simple self-test methods. If you find that you have symptoms of hearing loss, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for a hearing test as soon as possible and pass a professional hearing test. Inspect, analyze, and formulate reasonable intervention plans.

If irreversible hearing loss occurs, Hearing Aids can be worn to compensate and slow down the hearing loss.

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