Why can't deaf people hear clearly?

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“I can hear speech, but I don’t know what is said” is a common complaint of many patients with sensorineural deafness, even after they have correctly selected Hearing Aids.

Why can’t deaf people hear clearly?
Being able to hear but not hearing clearly is actually deafness, and it is more troublesome than simply being unable to hear.
This type of deafness is called neurological deafness. Many types of deafness are neurological deafness, such as common presbycusis, noise-induced deafness, and hereditary deafness. These deafnesses are all neurological. Currently, there is no clinical treatment that can reverse neurological deafness, but that does not mean that it can be ignored.
There is a type of deafness caused by central dysfunction, called central deafness. Typical patients with central deafness can fully hear sounds, even very small sounds, but they cannot understand or understand them clearly. Obviously, if you can't hear (or the sound is too low), you will definitely not be able to hear clearly; but even if you can hear, you still won't be able to hear clearly due to the decline in the analysis capabilities of the inner ear and the auditory center. And this problem is difficult to solve.

We still need treatment when we are sick. Although treatment cannot make us recover, it can at least provide relief. Many people cannot be cured of their hearing, so forget it and leave it alone. However, the final result is that the degree of deafness becomes more and more serious, and there are more and more inaudible sounds, which gradually affects our speech recognition ability. , so you will find that some patients with presbycusis are not only deaf, but their speech is also unclear.

No matter what happens after deafness, it must be treated in time. The effect of the treatment always depends on the treatment. If it can be treated, it is definitely the best. If it cannot be treated, it is definitely the best. , then you can also choose to wear hearing aids to improve your hearing status.

Early intervention for neurological deafness is extremely important. The so-called early intervention refers to: early detection, early fitting of hearing aids and persistence in wearing hearing aids. Regrettably, the vast majority of elderly patients with hearing impairment in our country have not been able to detect and receive hearing aids early. Over time, they have evolved into old neurological deafness. Their auditory function has been deteriorating, and their quality of life and mental health have been greatly affected. As a result, many people have been marginalized by society. The World Health Organization clearly informs: Among Alzheimer’s patients, 30% are hearing impairment patients, and hearing impairment is one of the predisposing factors of Alzheimer’s disease!

Hearing aids have two functions
First, enhance and improve listening ability;
Second, protect residual hearing function. Being equipped with a hearing aid and insisting on wearing it will effectively prevent the rapid decline of hearing function. ‘Use it or lose it’ is the basic principle! Hearing-impaired patients must go to a standardized and qualified hearing institution for consultation and fitting of hearing aids.

What factors determine whether we can hear clearly?
In an environment that is too noisy, the sound signal itself becomes unclear, and people with normal hearing cannot hear it clearly; a similar situation will occur if the signal sound is too small. For example, if the TV sound is too low, even those of us with normal hearing cannot hear clearly. But that's not the whole story. The inner ear has the ability to analyze acoustic signals. After the inner ear is damaged, auditory analysis ability will be significantly reduced. But because our auditory discrimination ability has enough leeway, we don't have to hear 100% clearly to ensure that we understand. Therefore, less severe inner ear damage will not cause the patient to completely lose the ability to distinguish hearing. The hearing center has more important sound signal analysis capabilities. If the hearing center is damaged, auditory discrimination ability will be worse.

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