Is hearing loss a very common phenomenon? Why?

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For patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, it is less obvious in a quiet environment because most sounds can still be heard. However, when the environment is filled with noise, it becomes difficult and strenuous for them to understand conversations. Interestingly, people with normal hearing and people with hearing loss have basically the same experience with loud and unpleasant sounds. In other words, hearing-impaired people are also afraid of noise if the sound is loud. This is a big reason why hearing loss is often not detected early enough.

Is hearing loss a very common phenomenon? Why?
Yes. Especially when the ears are exposed to loud noise from the outside, if people wear headphones for a long time, the sound decibels are too high, or as people age, hearing loss will occur.
Many people think that hearing loss is far away from us, but they don’t know that “it” may be around us. According to relevant statistics, 1 in 3 people over 65 years old have senile hearing loss, and the number is still growing! With a one-third probability, do you still think hearing loss is far away from you? Although hearing loss is irreversible, with timely intervention, hearing loss patients can still study, work, socialize and live normally like hearing people.

We can detect hearing loss faster and intervene in a timely manner by observing some details in life! Jianer Hearing Aids Chaling Store Tips: Do you or someone around you have the following symptoms of hearing loss?

1. Electronic devices such as televisions and audio players at home are becoming louder and louder

Due to hearing loss, the appropriate volume for normal hearing is no longer sufficient for patients with hearing loss. Therefore, we often unconsciously turn the volume of electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and radios higher and higher, and we don’t notice until family members remind us or we receive complaints from neighbors!

2. My voice unconsciously increases and my voice becomes loud
When chatting with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, due to my hearing loss, I hear myself speaking in a low voice, so I am afraid that the other person will not hear me, so I raise my voice. But the interlocutor has to tolerate your high decibels.

3. When talking to others, often ask others to repeat what they say, and unconsciously get closer to the speaker

When shopping for groceries or visiting shopping malls, hearing cannot be heard clearly due to hearing loss Do you often repeat what the other person says, so that the other person thinks you are deliberately making things difficult? ? When talking to family members, they need to be very close to hear clearly. It seems that the physical relationship is closer., but in fact the hearing has really declined!

4. I don’t like to answer the phone and talk to strangers because I’m afraid I won’t hear clearly
When I see a phone number I don’t recognize, I just hang up and call it a good name. It's called "harassing phone calls"; he doesn't like talking to strangers and makes others feel very cold. In fact, because of hearing loss, it is more difficult to hear voices on the phone and strangers’ voices clearly!

5. When there are few people, it is okay to listen to what others are saying, but when there are more people, it is difficult to hear clearly
At work, if the leader is speaking alone, sit close to the leader and Others keep quiet and can barely hear clearly; but when it comes to the discussion, everyone is talking about what! not understand?

6. Often answer questions that are wrong
When you talk about flowers, I listen; when you talk about eating, I listen to drink water. . . The answer was not what the question was asked, or it was because of hearing loss that I couldn’t hear clearly. I answered what I thought was right. Do you think it was embarrassing or not?

7. Can’t hear the children’s words or the chirping of birds.
The children’s speech is soft and waxy, but what I hear is indeed “emmm...” and the bird’s chirping is crisp and clear. It sounds beautiful, but I can't hear anything. Can I still hear the sounds of nature such as the chirping of cicadas and the croaking of frogs?

8. I clearly heard the sound, but couldn’t clearly hear what the other party said
I looked at your mouth and you were clearly talking to me, and I also heard you The sound is loud, but but? Why can't I hear clearly? It's so difficult for me.

If you find that your hearing has declined, or you have difficulty listening in a noisy environment, be sure to schedule a professional hearing test as soon as possible to learn about your hearing condition in a timely manner and listen to expert advice. , early detection and early intervention.

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